Promoting Children’s language in pre-school settings.

Had an amazing two days with Professor Judy M. Hutchings¬†from Centre for Evidence-based Early Intervention, Bangor University,¬†promoting children’s language in preschool settings on Anglesey. During session two of the training program I was invited to introduce Gem’n’Huw to those attending the training course.

Anglesey Council had purchased a Gem’n’Huw set for all the settings that were attending, I hope they have fun using Gem’n’Huw to help develop emotional literacy and put the tools Judy suggested into good use for promoting language within their settings.

The results are in! Gem’n’Huw improves children’s emotional intelligence.

We have been fortunate enough to hold a Gem’n’Huw trial in a local school using the Goodman’s questionnaire. Teachers were asked to complete the questionnaire for the children taking part in the trial, Gem’n’Huw was used during usual school activities for only 4 weeks, and the teachers were asked to fill in the same questionnaire for each child again. As you can see from the results above, Children’s overall stress, emotional distress, behavior difficulties, hyperactivity and concentration difficulties and difficulties getting along with others decreased, also, children’s kind and helpful behavior increased. The results for 4 weeks are outstanding, can you imagine the results using Gem’n’Huw long term?

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